mSpy Makes Your Computer Monitoring Simple

Forewarned is forearmed - this creed applies just as much to your kids’ and employees’ computer usage as it does to other areas of life. Wondering why your 13-year-old keeps minimizing his computer screen every time you enter the room? Don’t know how to manage employees who seem to waste office hours on their computers? Consider our computer monitoring solution as a supervision tool for your kids and business.

mSpy is a comprehensive software platform for monitoring everything that happens on your computer while you’re not around. This is the ideal computer tracking application for both parents and business owners who need to ensure that there is no mismanagement of computer use. Combining the most essential computer monitoring features and discreet operating mode, mSpy supplies you with the information you need to attain peace of mind.


mSpy automatically takes screenshots of the desktop so you can see what the user has been up to. Stay informed about the programs & applications being used.

Why will you find it useful?

By having mSpy take computer screenshots, parents can eliminate the need to constantly look over their teen’s shoulder, checking whether they are doing their homework or visiting inappropriate websites. Business owners, too, will get a clear picture of what exactly their employees do during office hours without having to be physically present.



mSpy lets you check every keystroke typed by the user even if it is immediately deleted. Use mSpy to know what’s being searched for on Google, Bing, or any other online search engine. View chat messages sent by the user via any instant messaging application, check all sent emails, texts typed in Word documents, and more.

Why will you find this useful?

You can use Keylogger to make sure your children stay safe online when visiting social networks and chatting with people you don’t know. If your concern is staff monitoring, mSpy’s computer monitoring feature will let you weed out dishonest employees and prevent them from leaking any confidential data.

User Activity

mSpy informs you of how long users remain active during a given computer session. View exact time stamps for each login and logout. You can also use this computer monitoring software to generate comprehensive statistical reports on computer usage.

How will this help you?

This feature gives you an answer to your most concerning question: How do your kids or employees spend their time? Whether you need to know if your workers are slacking off at work or how your kids are spending their leisure time, you’ll find out with mSpy.

User Activity
Applications Use

Applications Use

Take a closer look at the programs and applications that are being used on the target computer. See which Internet browsers have been used and find out how much time is spent on individual apps. All the data you desire are available to you at any time no matter which Internet-enabled device you use to access your mSpy Control Panel.

How is this beneficial to you?

Internet safety is something every parent should be concerned about. With millions of websites containing adult content, and a multitude of programs and apps easily accessible to anyone, it is essential to use computer monitoring software as a supervisory tool for monitoring children. For employers, this feature will ensure that no one in the office is abusing company’s time or compromising sensitive data.

Discrete mode

mSpy runs in a discreet operating mode and doesn’t slow your computer down. No pop-ups, alerts or notifications will appear to interfere with regular user activity.

What do you stand to gain from this?

When it comes to bringing up teenagers, a non-combative approach generally works better than an accusatory one. mSpy allows you to keep the peace at home while keeping your children out of harm’s way.

Discrete mode

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